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Home Improvement and DIY Embellished Cushions

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One of the easiest (and the most affordable!) ways to make your home look extra elegant is by jazzing up couch cushions. It’s amazing how plain old cushions, embellished and turned into something artsy, can make your home instantly look glam.

In fact, this is a project we have tested and proven effective! So if your home needs sprucing up, perhaps all you need is to give your cushions extra “oomph”. For this project, I highly recommend plain pillow cases so you can embellish them to your heart’s content.

Iron On Cut Outs And Rhinestones


DIY embellished pillow case

What do you think of these iron on cut outs? These are appliqués that you can iron on the cushion cover to create the design you want. These swirly, baroque-esque designs give your design a vintage flair.

The rhinestones can also be ironed on. They give extra sparkle to the cushion cover.

Black Rhinestones And Brooch

DIY embellished pillow case

DIY embellished pillow case

I call this the retro design just because it looks so mod with its scattering of black rhinestones that mimic polka dots. That velvet drape on the side fastened with a vintage-looking brooch added up to its retro appeal.

And since retro is back in fashion, this is a kind of look you’d like to achieve in one of your rooms. The dining area, perhaps? Put a cushion in the seats so your guests can dine in comfort.

Brooch and Iron On Appliques

DIY embellished pillow case

DIY embellished pillow case

I don’t know about you but I’m getting Middle East vibe from this design. Maybe it’s because of the brooch that looks like a tiara from the Middle East. Perhaps it’s the gold-tone iron appliqués that give off an elegant, princess-like vibe.

It actually has the same design as the previous one, with its fabric drape. The trick there is using different embellishing materials. Instead of rhinestones, we used iron on appliqués. We threw in a different brooch design for good measure.

Floral Appliqués



Small floral appliqués give a 3D appearance to the embellishment so you can enjoy a pillow with a bit of texture to it. This is a design ideal for flower lovers.

Tell me, which of these designs is your favourite? Go ahead and check out our Store to find the items you need so you can start working on these embellished cushion covers already!



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